There are many things to consider when participating in a craft show. Below are just a few of these.  Following these considerations will make the most of the show and provide a pleasant atmosphere for all.

  • Fire regulations are very specific including not blocking doorways.  This in itself could result in the show being closed down if not adhered to. Do not cover up fire extinguishers
  • Have only products with you that have been juried.  Categories often have a maximum number of vendors allowed to allow for a varied shopping experience.
  • Be conscious of the space you are taking for your display.  A large display must not infringe on the space of those around you.  On the flip side, use your space to its fullest.  A three dimensional table display is more appealing than products flat on a table
  • Have plenty of merchandise to last you through the two days!
  • Business cards on hand will help you to continue your business long after the show has finished.
  • Stay open for the duration of the show.  Packing up early sends a message to the customers that they should stop shopping.
  • Be sure to have your permit from your local Health Department on hand should you be selling food items.